The Benefits

Packaging slip (document no.) = Cargo Movement Waybill no.

Our IT system allows us to offer our clients a waybill numbering system that is client specific i.e your internal reference number is your waybill no.

This proves particularly useful to our clients when tracking consignments and also for internal record keeping.

Interactive Website

We are continually upgrading our website to ensure information is kept accurate and that our clients have access to the latest freight management technology.

At present our website allows our customers to view and print scanned pod’s, supplier documentation and invoices. Barcoding facilities are available for our larger clients.

Rate Structure

We can offer any type of rate structure or combination thereof between and points in South African

  • Cents per kg rate i.e flat rate A per kg per consignment
  • Grouped rates i.e 1-3 tons rate A, 3-5 tons rate B
  • Individual box rates i.e box type 1 rate A, box type 2 rate B
  • Grouped box rates i.e box types 1 to 3 rate A

Online Warehousing

Our clients that use us for warehousing are able to interact on our website to see their latest stock control reports.

Outstanding POD Reports

Our IT system allows us to provide our customers with regular outstanding pod reports. This is particularly useful for clients that generate large volumes of waybills.

Documentation and Processing

We realize the importance of returning complete sets of full documents to our clients. These documents need to be correctly completed and returned to our clients within as shorter time frame as possible.