Clothing Logistics

Our partnership with clothing companies:

  • We have a number of years experience in moving freight for clothing manufacturers
  • We cover all the major centres of South Africa
  • Offer nationwide distribution to anywhere in South Africa and SADAC countries
  • Level 4 BEE rating with 100% contribution
  • We are SHE compliant

Services Offered to clothing companies:

  • Break-bulk/Part loads 500kgs – 5000kgs nationwide
  • Long haul/Full loads 5001kgs – 32000kgs nationwide
  • Special/Urgent consignments 1kg – 32000kgs nationwide
  • Airfreight
  • Warehousing (upon request)

Rate Structures offered to the clothing industry:

  • Cents per kg rate
  • Individual box rate
  • Zoned box rate

We base our entire operations on managing clothing logistics requirements:

  • We are experienced in moving rolls of fabric/boxes/hanging garments
  • We can make our waybill number equal your packing slip number
  • We can make our manifest number equal your invoice number
  • No call centres, you deal with one individual who manages the movement of your cargo
  • The individual who manages your cargo also quotes on all special/urgent consignments
  • If required we have supervisors on site to oversee the loading/offloading of goods and documentation
  • Emphasis on getting completed documentation returned to your accounts department asap
  • Our history of theft and claims of clothing is minimal
  • All vehicles are checked daily for cleanliness and leaks and are SHE compliant
  • We offer a blanket insurance cover for your goods
  • All operational staff are trained with handling clothing products and are SHE compliant
  • Operational staff uniforms are checked regularly as our presentation to our customers is important
  • If required, we offer an in-house setup
  • All vehicles are fitted with netstar and all drivers have cellphones