Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management involves all aspects of managing interconnected business networks to provide products and services to end customers. Cargo Movement offers assistance with the transport and warehousing in the logistics and supply chain management process. This process involves planning, managing and controlling the movement of your goods and services with real-time tracking data from the point of origin to its destination.

The logistics and supply chain management process integrates several aspects, from material handling to warehousing, information and transportation, packaging and inventory. Our supply chain management process ensures complete flexibility and reliable delivery at minimal cost so inventory is maintained at the optimum levels. We have secure warehousing facilities in all the major centres and we can cater for raw materials, work-in -progress inventory and finished goods in any quantities.

As part of our supply chain management service, we offer in-house warehousing and distribution packages. This package includes an in-house IT setup offering up-to-date warehousing and distribution software that can be structured according to client’s requirements. This IT setup can also include bar coding and scanning, as well as virtual warehousing. We place and train staff onsite, thereby ensuring the whole logistic and supply chain management process remains outsourced. It is also possible to integrate your IT package with our current IT system.