Long haul

Long haul is very similar to break-bulk cargo and refers to the movement of part or full loads above 5000kgs. Long haul cargo is large loose items, bags or boxes that are packed on pallets, or loaded loose. As a long haul carrier, we have a number of dedicated long haul vehicles such as pantec, taut liners, open or containers to move cargo up to 32 tons. Our long haul vehicles are immaculately maintained with respect to mechanical maintenance, daily cleaning and regular inspection for internal leaks. We focus on professional service and all long haul carrier staff are trained on the procedures of loading and unloading cargo. This training includes knowledge of double stacking, vehicle cleanliness and hygiene for food product transport.

To be a respected long haul carrier, we ensure that our operations staff are in constant contact with the long haul vehicles and monitor the movement of your cargo at all times. For additional security each long haul carrier is fitted with a tracking device to ensure that your cargo gets to its destination safely.